Did you apply online to a workplace currently on the WorkLease platform? Our team will select and contact the best candidates for that job as soon as possible.

WorkLease does not charge commissions, mediation fees, file processing fees, or other hidden fees. With WorkLease you have jobs abroad or in Romania without a commission!

To successfully apply, you must go to that job page, then click on the green button “APPLY JOB” button that you see in each post. In the window that opens to you, you must: Fill in Names, First Name, E-mail, Phone, Attach CV (preferably in English) CV in .DOC or .PDF format, carefully fill in the anti-spam code, read and accept “Terms and Conditions “and” WorkLease “Privacy Policy. After you follow these steps successfully you will receive a message and an email confirming your application!

You can contact us by email, but we recommend using our WorkLease platform to get the best chances of being selected for a job.

Once you have successfully applied you will be redirected to the confirmation page of your application. You will also receive a confirmation email.

These details are determined by the interview with the employer. Most employers with whom WorkLease collaborates offer accommodation assistance, but this facility depends on each employer. There are employers who offer transportation facilities.

The recruitment process differs depending on the employer and his / her requirements. Generally, this process includes phone interviews or video conferencing (generally via Skype) directly with your employer or a WorkLease consultant. Following these interviews, you will receive the final employment response.

Yes, you can apply if you think you are right for that job. Do not abuse tens or hundreds of applications for the same type of work because you risk being permanently blocked by the WorkLease application system.

The salaries displayed are informative.  It is displayed the maximum amount that an employer is willing to pay for a candidate for the job.  However, the maximum salary depends on the candidate’s qualification and professional experience. When you are selected by your employer, WorkLease will contact you and present your work contract clearly stating your salary and contractual terms, you decide whether you want to accept that job offer.

Yes! Worklease is encouraging only working under a contract.

You can send the CV in Romanian although you’re applying abroad